The Executive Voice

Arkansas Economic Development Commission

Project Details

Successful executives (and ad campaigns) are master communicators. They’re concise, forward-thinking and inspiring—an x-factor known as the Executive Voice. Convincing decision makers to relocate or expand their business in Arkansas meant speaking their language.

  • Client: AEDC
  • Industry: Economic Development
  • Project: The Executive Voice
  • Launch: Spring 2023

Luckily, some of the world’s biggest companies are already here. CJRW partnered with top execs from major Arkansas companies like Dillards, Stephens, Hytrol and Dassault Falcon Jet. We asked them why Arkansas is good for business. Then, we let them do the talking…

While high powered ads and executive testimonials are important, what got our audience talking most was decidedly low tech. CJRW direct mailed old school viewmasters loaded with Arkansas images and campaign reels to site selectors. There were newer technologies out there, but none had the nostalgic feeling of clicking through a viewmaster, and the response was immediate.

"I got the AEDC Image 3d box this morning and just found it so cool and unique that I just wanted to give your team kudos for a really nice job! It was so nostalgic and a great way to showcase the state. It’s relatively rare that I actually want to keep marketing collateral, but this makes the cut.”

— Site Selector, North Carolina


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Why Arkansas?
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