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Hot Springs

What We Brought: Knowledge

Show the Quirks

The Ask

The Hot Springs Advertising and Promotion Commission tasked us with creating a marketing campaign that showcased the uniqueness of their city.

We needed to create a new look, tone and feel that mirrored the “quirky” qualities of the city.

Lake Hamilton
Lake Hamilton

We Know Hot Springs

The Insight

Hot Springs is home to Hot Springs National Park, one of the oldest sites in the national park system. First protected by law in 1832, the natural thermal springs were rumored to have healing properties and brought in travelers from all over the world — making Hot Springs famous as the Spa City. And also, we happen to know that local trash pickup is Mondays and recycling comes by every other Monday.

Mid-America Science Museum
Mid-America Science Museum

We Go Way Back

Since 2001, CJRW has worked with Visit Hot Springs (Hot Springs Advertising and Promotion Commission) to develop and implement advertising and marketing strategies. Specifically, we produce and place content for TV, digital, out-of-home, radio, print, consumer tourism, meetings & conventions, and collateral materials. We create and manage digital media strategies as well as website development and hosting.

Oh right. And CJRW has produced the Hot Springs/Diamond Lakes Vacation Guide for more than 30 years.

So we know this city. Inside and out. We know its strengths, its quirks, its hidden gems.

Now we just needed to put all that knowledge into a kickass campaign.

It's Different Here

The Big Idea

Hot Springs isn’t a typical city — it’s crammed with stuff to see and do and filled with colorful people, historic places and curiosities. We wanted to embrace those cool and quirky distinctions.

Armed with our deep knowledge of Hot Springs, we conceptualized, planned and executed a campaign that embodies the true character of Hot Springs. Pumping up unique points of view for photography and videography with dry humor and memorable music, the campaign has a fun, irreverent and approachable feel.

We branded every piece of the campaign’s commercial and digital content with the tagline “It’s Different Here. Come See Why.” The tagline was a perfect hook to spotlight the unique qualities of the destination while enticing visitors to come experience the city first-hand.

The tone of the campaign:

Subtle, disarming humor
Casual and welcoming

The design of the entire campaign reflects the bold personality of the campaign theme and injects a dash of mystery into the invitation to visit.

Lake Hamilton
Mountain Bike Breweries
Garvan Treehouse

We Did It

The Results

Hot Springs has shown consistent growth in hospitality tax collections since the launch of the new positioning brand campaign. We were happy to see clear success when annual increases of 56.99% for lodging tax collections and 22.75% for restaurant tax collections were reported for 2021.