Brand Identity

Children's Advocacy Centers of North Carolina

inspiring action, creating hope



When the Children’s Advocacy Centers of North Carolina approached
us about rebranding their organization after they saw our work for the Children’s Advocacy Centers of Arkansas, we knew that for many kids facing abuse and neglect, our efforts meant the difference in life or death. The stakes were high, and we were determined to approach this project with the care and consideration those children deserved.

Our goal was to create a strong brand identity to establish CACNC as a trusted resource for child abuse intervention and create unity among its 51 child advocacy centers. CACNC also asked us to launch a public awareness campaign with the new brand identity to drive awareness and encourage intervention. Our job was threefold:

  • Create a unified and cohesive brand identity for CACNC and define key messages for stakeholders.

  • Educate the general public about the mission and role of CACs in North Carolina and how citizens can access local help.

  • Increase awareness of local CACs and the services they provide for abused and neglected children.



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To kick off the rebranding process, we started with a Brand Camp — an interactive brand development workshop that incorporated the perspectives and priorities of internal leaders, staff members and key stakeholders. From this camp, CJRW developed the CACNC brand and public education campaign materials.

The CACNC tagline is three succinct but powerful words: Hope in action. The tagline is designed to simply convey the core mission of CACNC
— creating hope for victims and prompting action in the community. Essential to this community response is understanding the process of reporting child abuse and neglect in North Carolina and taking action when necessary. Compassionate, concerned adults are the greatest hope for children in need, and simple acts can be heroic in that they change lives. Campaign materials sought to convey this empowering message.

The media strategy for this campaign included a mix of television (broadcast and cable), radio, paid search, and digital and social media. We achieved statewide reach in all major media markets and negotiated more than $148,000 in bonus, no-cost media, extending the plan by 30%.


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Since one of our main goals for the project was to encourage North Carolinians to intervene on behalf of children and report abuse and neglect, reaching a large audience was key. Our paid media campaign generated a total of 33.3 million impressions, with digital and social media impressions driving 16,355 site visits. Paid social ads on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn generated 7,002 clicks.

We’re proud to continue working with Children’s Advocacy Centers of
North Carolina to raise awareness about child abuse and encourage reporting. The need for hope has never been greater. In 2022, CACNC investigated nearly 12,000 new cases of abuse, a 17% increase from the previous year. Ending child abuse means learning to identify it, and every report helps shine a light. That’s hope in action.