National Campaign Promotes Backcountry Aviation

Arkansas Tourism

Arkansas Tourism Takes Off


Here’s a fact about tourism: Visitors from outside the state spend more and stay longer than in-state travelers. They also add funds to the state economy, rather than just pass them around. CJRW was tasked with raising national awareness of The Natural State as a tourist destination, with the ultimate goal of attracting more out-of-state visitors. Our focus was the state’s natural beauty and abundant wilderness. We hit the ground running. Then, we took to the air.


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Before implementing a national digital video and display campaign, we had to capture the content. CJRW and a crew of 20 followed the adventures of four prominent influencers. Three planes carried the influencers, and one helicopter took (some of) the crew. Together, we took a journey to remote airstrips around the state. We wanted to generate a buzz and introduce a new way to experience Arkansas. Later, we would give our audience the chance to follow in our flight path on a free vacation.

A combination of influencer content, in-house content featuring influencers, targeted ads and sponsored content — promoted with the help of top tourism and adventure-media partners — propelled the message to every U.S. state.


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Content is even more compelling when it has a tangible incentive, and the highlight of the Backcountry Aviation Giveaway was a free aerial tour of The Natural State. Engagement, well, soared. By the time it touched down, viewers around the country saw the contest promoted in excess of 12 million times. Clicking to learn the details, more than 32,000 visitors made their way to Doubling our expectations, by the contest deadline, over 20,000 participants — representing all 50 states — signed up for a chance to win. 

With a satisfied client, an ecstatic contest winner and twice the turnout we expected, we were happy with the results. We hope you’ve enjoyed this in-flight entertainment. Welcome to Arkansas, a year-round tourism destination for all your outdoor adventures and more. Thank you for flying CJRW. We’ll see you next time.