At CJRW, we meld science, art, future thinking, and relationships together in order to forge the most effective and cost-efficient media plans and buys possible for each of our clients in both traditional and digital media.


We use all of the leading syndicated research resources available to help pinpoint which media/media vehicles best reach each of our client’s specific target audiences.


The art of the deal. Experience, knowledge, hard work, and finesse are the primary qualities needed to negotiate the most cost-efficient media buys.

Future Thinking

What’s next? More importantly, what’s coming after that? We are always looking to find the “next big thing” for our clients before it becomes the “next big thing.” We have guided each of our clients far down the digital advertising road and continue to search for the newest, most innovative ways to reach consumers. From video to mobile, from connected televisions to fraud tracking, we’ve done it all. We also produce an annual “State of the Media” report that discusses where the media industry is headed, and we share it with each of our clients.


Our experienced team of media planner/buyers has built a strong network of relationships across the region and the country in order to secure the best rates and opportunities from our partners in the media for each of our clients.


  • Media strategy development
  • Media negotiating and buying
  • Media research
  • Digital media
  • Media monitoring