CJRW Digital has earned a reputation for providing innovative interactive tools to meet – and exceed – client expectations. Our staff has decades of combined experience in User Interface Design and Information Architecture Development, so you can trust in the effectiveness of the solutions proposed by CJRW, and rest assured that our team will support the ongoing development and management of an excellent online presence.

We believe in getting the client involved early and often throughout the content strategy, design, and development process. We view ourselves as an extension of your marketing team. You can rely on CJRW Digital to bring you new ideas, provide ongoing consultation, and guide you in a direction that is focused on user engagement and conversion. Taking a “content first” approach, the CJRW team focuses on the message and the actions clients want the users to take.

Responsive Website Design & Development

This design technique allows website visitors to access your site through any medium, from an iPhone, to a tablet, to a laptop-desktop computer, without compromising the site’s aesthetics or functionality. Using a flexible, grid- based layout, your site will be mobile optimized, alleviating the need to build a separate site for mobile use. 

CJRW Digital approaches online campaigns and digital projects with an eye toward the future, understanding that companies and organizations change over time and your online presence must evolve as well. Our digital design philosophy is “function over fluff,” with a focus on user experience and engagement, and providing an aesthetically pleasing, content-driven experience.

Content Strategy and SEO

Modern marketing, digital marketing in particular, is built on content. Content – videos, infographics, images, articles, blog posts and the like – is the “currency” of websites and social media, which have become primary distribution channels for business, brand and organization content.

Content strategy is the art and science of researching and planning the creation and distribution of great content that accomplishes defined objectives. At the 2011 Confab Content Strategy Conference in Minneapolis, Prateek Sarkar, then the director of creative services at The Walt Disney Company, summed up content and content strategy rather neatly: 

Content is the story. And content strategy is storytelling.

Content strategy is also about defining clear business goals and objectives, and establishing how content will help achieve these goals. That’s where CJRW’s professional content strategists and experienced content creators come in and it’s more critical than ever for business owners and marketers jumping into content creation to have this sort of expertise on their side. Decisions must be made about what the goals of a content marketing strategy are to be: Brand awareness? New customers? Qualified leads? Customer engagement? Customer service? 

Recent updates to Google and other major search engines have made smart, strategic content the key factor in good Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Good content will not only increase overall website visits, it will provide a wealth of content that can be shared through your social media channels, increasing the number of site visits that come from these channels.  

Social Media 

Social media is now a part of our everyday lives and social media marketing is an important part of any brand’s online presence, whether the goal is to attract new customers or traffic to the brand’s website. With 74 percent of online adults using social media, smart marketers are utilizing these valuable platforms to publish relevant and compelling content. 

Social media is a key component of any successful marketing plan and our innovative social media experts at CJRW can help you define your online brand, create and publish content, maximize SEO, and, ultimately, generate business. Using a unique mix of creativity, technical expertise, and business sense, our team has a proven record of growing online communities and brand advocates, maximizing a return on client’s investments in social media marketing efforts.  

Influencer Marketing/Blogger Outreach

Businesses’ messages can easily be lost in the noise online, especially in social media. Key influencers can help businesses cut through the clutter by lending their voice in support of a brand. Word of mouth is the gold standard for a brand to indirectly impact a consumer’s decision, and sending the message through a powerful influencer can pay off in unexpected, highly successful ways.  

Influencer marketing is an integral part of every integrated marketing plan.  Our team at CJRW identifies key influencers and negotiations strategic campaigns with key influencers that maximize our client’s business goals. We grow powerful influencer networks for brands that maximize our client’s reach and SEO and, ultimately, create a loyal and engaged consumer or brand advocate base.