SOS: Pack of Lies

Through in-depth marketing research of emerging trends in 2013, including e-cigarettes and a ‘tobacco tour’ of Little Rock, led TPCP to determine a need for ‘counter messaging’ that directly challenged tobacco advertising across multiple forms of media. This resulted in counter marketing efforts that consisted of the “Pack of Lies” campaign.  

A key objective of the campaign was to reach those who were frequently exposed to tobacco company advertising.  Specifically an audience of the age 18-54 and youths, ages 12-17.  The strategy was to run direct counter marketing ads along side existing tobacco advertisements that were running in other issues of the publications.

During the period of time that the counter marketing campaign ran, calls to the Quitline experienced an increase, most notably from August 12 to September 1, with calls increasing from 282 to 362, or by 28.4 percent.