Riceland: Cooking with Georgia

CJRW partnered with Riceland Foods, Inc. in 2013 to develop a new website for the company. Part of the challenge of this project was to create and distribute engaging, relevant, and useful content through the site and through the company’s social media platforms. To this end, CJRW worked with Riceland to identify unique opportunities and stories to tell and then selected the methods for highlighting the best stories. 

As a food company, it was logical to highlight recipes and uses for Riceland products, and one way to do this was through cooking videos. The CJRW team set about finding the right “host” and chef for these videos, ultimately identifying “pioneering” chef, author, and outdoor adventurer Georgia Pellegrini, whose charm, cooking style, and experience matched well with the Riceland brand. In addition, Pellegrini had strong ties to Arkansas and was already familiar with the company and its products. 

The basic goals of the project (all supporting the overarching goal of increased sales and distribution of Riceland products) were: 

  • Continued growth of Riceland’s new social media presence and strong engagement with audiences
  • Increased traffic to the new Riceland.com website
  • Increased exposure of the Riceland brand to target audiences 
  • More helpful, shareable, entertaining, and informative content for placement on Riceland.com and in Riceland social media forums

The partnership between Riceland and Georgia Pellegrini was initially based on the creation of four cooking videos that were hosted on the Riceland Foods YouTube channel and the Riceland.com website. The venture has led to thousands of video views and strong website traffic. In addition, Pellegrini shares the Riceland materials on her own heavily trafficked website and YouTube channel. Since the initial video production, Riceland has maintained a relationship with Pellegrini, inviting her to cook and present at various events.