Oaklawn Website Redesign

Oaklawn has had a long history of being a leader in the industry when it comes to online marketing efforts.  However, with the new gaming expansion and the excitement surrounding the upcoming racing season, Oaklawn was ready to take their web presence to the next level.

CJRW helped Oaklawn focus on the core goal of creating a great user experience, and develop messaging that gets users where they need to go.  The redesign needed to represent both sides of Oaklawn evenly, Racing and Gaming.  There were needs to implement more video to better engage the audience, and inform them of what they could expect to experience at Oaklawn.

Due to the highly fluctuating website traffic that hits Oaklawn Racing and Gaming during particular events, it was necessary to have a good plan for these instances.  It was very important that the site stay up and fully functional throughout Derby Day and other popular weekend races.

CJRW was able to help accomplish all of these goals through an easy to navigate, light weight, and responsive website design.  It is backed by a complete content management system, allowing Oaklawn full control and management of the site’s content. Visit Oaklawn.com.