Centennial Bank

CJRW and Centennial Bank began a marketing partnership in 2011. Founded in 1998, the bank had grown from 300 million dollars in assets to over three billion in just 11 years, with multiple locations in both Arkansas and Florida. The bank’s holding company, Home BancShares, had also gone public and had nationwide exposure and accountability to its shareholders.

At that time, Centennial had not mounted a comprehensive marketing campaign in over 18 months. CJRW conducted extensive research and one-on-one interaction with many of Centennial’s more than 1,000 employees, and our team proposed a multi-media campaign targeting Arkansas, the Florida Panhandle, Orlando, and the Florida Keys. 

The new campaign, which used a branding tagline “Banking That Comes To You,” launched in June of 2011 on TV and radio, online, in social media, and in print and outdoor advertisements. 

Centennial identified personal checking account growth as the top priority in measuring campaign effectiveness and results. In the first year of implementation, both Arkansas and Florida markets displayed notable increases. In Little Rock, Arkansas, one of the top designated areas for growth, personal checking accounts rose almost 20 percent. 

Multiple regions in the Florida footprint also realized sizable gains in personal checking accounts. The north Florida region, the central Florida region, and South Florida all saw personal checking account increases of 10 percent or more.

Through creative branding initiatives, Centennial’s brand is being recognized more than ever, and its reputation for community commitment remains strong. Meanwhile, the strategic partnership between Centennial and CJRW grows stronger as the results are measured and the positive return on investment grows.