APT: Point of View

In late 2012, CJRW and the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism developed a research-backed campaign focusing on encouraging travelers to “escape” from their daily work and stress by visiting Arkansas. The campaign offered potential visitors a taste of a true Arkansas experience that would get them excited about a trip to The Natural State. 

Data was emerging almost daily that showed how important video had become as a form of online content and as a selling tool for travel marketers. Several studies showed that combining online video with a paid broadcast campaign could increase both reach and frequency of marketing messages. 

Thus, the Department and CJRW’s tourism and video teams worked together to develop new concepts for several online video series that would complement the larger paid media campaign and provide a way for potential visitors to “experience” Arkansas online. Part of this effort lead to the creation of a series of “Point of View,” or POV videos of different activities in Arkansas – kayaking, traveling on a scenic rural road, hiking and biking in the mountains, ziplining, and so forth. Visitors to Arkansas.com and to Arkansas Tourism social media pages were able to see some of the natural beauty and exciting Arkansas activities from a first-person perspective, almost as if they were there. The videos garnered thousands of views and were repurposed for online ad placements and social media contests.