Great Cities Great State

In 2013, CJRW joined with the Arkansas Municipal League to develop and launch a campaign designed to draw attention to the work that Arkansas cities and towns were doing on a daily basis. The goals of the campaign were to highlight the importance of city government services and the vital role municipalities play in terms of ensuring high quality of life.

Working with city leaders from across Arkansas, the Municipal League and CJRW unveiled the “Great Cities Make A Great State” campaign, using video, broadcast commercials, and print ads. To support the campaign, CJRW created a special website that housed all of the “Great Cities Make a Great State” promotional materials for use by city leaders, speakers, and others. 

A series of 30-second commercials aired on broadcast channels throughout the state, using comforting and familiar images of the hometown activities to illustrate how city governments and services were having a real impact on all our lives. The images and messages drew attention to the types of services that citizens may not have been aware of or noticed, pointing out that municipal governments and organizations are often working hard “in the background” of everyday life, providing road repairs, sidewalk creation, public park maintenance, and even business development. 





Radio Spots