Wade McCune

SVP, Creative Director

Senior VP and Creative Director Wade McCune joined CJRW in 1996, and except for a brief detour in 2006, he’s been here since. He's responsible for the quality of CJRW's creative products across all media, ensuring they are on strategy, memorable, engaging and above all, effective.

He works with super-talented writers, artists, content creators, video editors and animators to conceive and bring to life ideas that shape the decisions people make every single day. He really enjoys crafting the underlying strategy behind creative concepts, since the strategic foundation is the difference between something that is merely clever and something that is going to make someone take action. He has a degree in journalism from the University of Arkansas, a couple of decades of grinding in various ad agencies as a writer and creative director and experience running his own design firm for about four years.

His favorite place to visit in Arkansas is the stretch of road between Leslie and the Buffalo River — it gives him peace every time he's on it. The terrain is the prettiest part of Arkansas.

When he's not working, he likes to play guitar and dabble with songwriting. He also enjoys playing basketball, cooking and doing anything he can with his kids. He doesn't enjoy running, but does several miles every week, so he guesses that's his problem.

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