Tiffany Maltezo

Senior Account Executive/Travel & Tourism

Tiffany joined CJRW in 2016. As a Senior Account Executive for Travel and Tourism, she works with the industry across the state. She loves to see the results she is able to help her clients achieve. She has 20 years of advertising experience and serves as a board member for the Arkansas Festivals and Events Association.

As for her favorite place to visit in Arkansas? That's a tough one, since she's always out and about. Bentonville is great because of Crystal Bridges. She really likes any place in the Delta because of the people, and because when you're visiting there, you can do a variety of things.

When she's not working, she enjoys cooking, entertaining (she may have missed her calling as a party planner) and spending time outdoors with her husband, Van, and their fur-baby, Eko.

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