Tanya Whitlock

Senior Media Planner/Buyer

Tanya joined CJRW in 2015 as a Senior Media Planner/Buyer. In her role, she is responsible for tailoring media strategies and buys to meet the specific needs of clients. She loves helping clients achieve their goals by developing relationships with media partners and working alongside them to add additional value to each campaign. She has a bachelor's degree in advertising and public relations from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and more than 30 years of experience in the advertising industry, formulating media plans and buys for various types of clients, from retail to non-profits.

Her favorite places to visit in Arkansas are northwest and northeast Arkansas, where her four grandchildren live. She likes both areas of the state because they have lots to offer and are not a long drive from central Arkansas.

When she's not working, she enjoys traveling to watch her grandkids participate in sports. Both of her children, Kelsey and Ryan, kept her busy and on the road going to watch baseball, softball and volleyball games. Now, she and her husband get to enjoy watching their grandchildren play, and their kids love it as much as they do.

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