John Slaughter

Lead Interactive Developer

John has been building for the web for 20 years. After graduating from UALR, his journey through advertising began at Mass Enthusiasm. As a developer, John implemented new mobile web standards through multiple content management systems and web frameworks with a focus on design and user experience. At his previous position with GWL Advertising, John extended his development skills with database management, server-side languages, server administration and DNS/domain management. Currently, John’s team manages multiple web applications in Python and PHP and continues to develop high-quality, accessible, modern solutions for an array of clients. He has built well over 100 websites in his career in industries ranging from tourism to education to government. When John’s not cooking, he enjoys working on his backhand, or staring into his monitors. John also likes to relax with his three pups, garden and fix/create things (kitchen cabinets already in progress). While John's a big fan of film, he hardly ever goes to the movies.