Rosslyn Elliott

Senior Writer & Editorial Content Manager

Rosslyn Elliott is a professional storyteller, writer, and editor who has worked in digital and print publications, photography, social media, and content marketing. She holds a degree in English and Theater Studies from Yale University and a graduate degree in English from Emory University. Rosslyn is the award-winning author of three historical novels published through a subsidiary of HarperCollins. She has performed as a featured poet for the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra, told stories onstage for The Yarn, and written and performed radio scripts for KUAR. In addition to creating video scripts and PSAs, she has worked as a commissioned playwright. Her event and stock photography has been featured in Arkansas regional newspapers and magazines.

In her free time, Rosslyn is an enthusiastic hiker and biker who is still as swept away by the natural beauty of Arkansas as she was when she first made this state her home in 2012. She is proud to have a daughter at Little Rock Central High School who is carrying on the family writing tradition as an executive editor of the historic Tiger newspaper.

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