Nancy Ferrara

Creative Director

Creative Director Nancy Ferrara joined CJRW in 2000. In her role, she helps conceive and execute creative strategies for our clients. Her primary role is as a designer and art director, making sure the visual executions are innovative and on brand and that they communicate the campaign strategy effectively.

Her favorite part of her job is the moment when she has solved the puzzle, and the strategy and design come together in a unique and effective solution for our clients. She has a bachelor's degree in advertising design and commercial art from Columbia College in Columbia, Missouri, plus almost 40 years of professional experience as a designer, art director and creative director.

Since she gets to travel all over the state creating tourism campaigns, it's hard for her to pick a favorite spot in Arkansas. She loves hanging out at Crystal Bridges, floating the Buffalo River and hiking at Devil's Den State Park.

When she's not working, she's a self-proclaimed hoarder. She likes to collect vintage and retro items, like vending machines, cameras, cocktail shakers and bowling bags.

Profile photo of Nancy Ferrara