Lauren Euseppi

VP of Travel and Tourism, Sr. Account Executive

Lauren join CJRW in 2012. She manages our Travel & Tourism department and oversees the travel publications we produce for the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism, such as the Arkansas Travel Guide, Arkansas Motorcycling Guide and Arkansas Water & Woods. She also oversees the account management and production of travel guides produced for multiple tourism related clients, such as the Diamond Lakes Travel Association, Western Arkansas’ Mountain Frontier and Arkansas South Travel Association. In addition, she works as a senior account executive managing tourism-related clients across the state, including Buffalo Outdoor Center, Gaston’s White River Resort and Best Western Inn of the Ozarks. Lauren spends much of her time traveling the state and working with the tourism industry. Some of her favorite places to visit are Eureka Springs for shopping, trout fishing on the White River and canoeing on the Buffalo National River.