What’s New? What’s Now? What’s Next? 

Our all-consuming vision is to redefine the shopper-marketing model. This vision is not simply to advance the model or find a new angle, but to completely reshape the industry.

Although the path to purchase used to be very linear, over the past decade that path has become extremely complex, and more “circular” around the shopper. That’s why we build strategic plans that revolve around how shoppers think at every phase and how to best reach them utilizing an assortment of touch points. The traditional shopper-marketing model is divided into three phases: out-of-store, in-store, and at-shelf. Our process adds a fourth step along that path – internal.

While traditional shopper marketing agencies begin planning by thinking outside the store, we believe the process of shopper marketing truly begins earlier than that – during an internal product innovation process that is grounded in insights.

CJRW’s expert shopper-marketing and consumer packaged goods team is a group of experienced, resourceful, and talented professionals who help our client-partners increase their bottom lines by developing and positioning brands from the inside
 out. This means “selling” inside the client’s organization before even beginning the plan to sell outside to shoppers.

It’s this unique inside-out approach that separates us from most other shopper-marketing agencies. We believe the sooner we identify target shoppers and the more time we have to get to know them, the more successful we will be in creating plans that resonate, influence, and impact. CJRW develops long-term engagement strategies utilizing a proprietary process to build messages that resonate with each audience at every step along the path to purchase, from the client’s home office all the way 
into the home of the consumer. 

CJRW works to: 

  • Inform/Build Awareness

  • Build Understanding
  • Build Commitment
  • Reinforce Behavior