CJRW delivers executive communication coaching and counsel to some of the nation’s largest industries and premier business organizations. Our executive communications and development programs are highly sought after and valued for their incisive, practical approach to equipping executives with the tools necessary to communicate effectively at all levels.

Whether it’s one-on-one presentation coaching for senior executives, or coaching for up-and-comers in a business enterprise, CJRW’s executive communications and development programs deliver value to the individual and their organization.

Executive Presentation Coaching

This one-on-one program is designed for executives looking to develop excellent communication skills and the ability to connect with changing and evolving audiences, internal and external.

Media Training

CJRW’s media training program is an intensive, hands-on exercise that prepares participants to communicate with comfort, confidence, clarity and credibility in media interviews and interactions. “On-camera” interviews are augmented by actual video clips of effective interviewing skills and, as points of reference, not so effective performances.

Communicating in a variety of situations, crafting and articulating messages, and understanding needs of the media make CJRW’s media training program one of the most comprehensive in the region.

At the Highest Levels

At the Highest Levels is a program that combines presentation coaching and media training in a one-day, one-on-one session. This session also makes extensive use of videotaping and critique, and is an extremely valuable aspect of professional development and effectiveness.

Follow-up coaching sessions and consultation are available as part of the At the Highest Levels program.

Spokesperson Training

The spokesperson for an organization is one of its most important positions. Being able to cultivate and nurture a mutually beneficial relationship with media is a key element of an organization’s communications strategy. CJRW equips spokespersons to not only interact effectively in interview situations, but to serve as a resource for the media.

Presentation Skills Seminars

Among CJRW’s executive communications and development programs is a group presentation skills seminar. This workshop provides insights into:

  • Organizing and Structuring a Presentation
  • Audience Assessment
  • Overcoming Performance Anxiety
  • The Most Important Aspect of Delivering a Compelling Presentation
  • What Attracts … and Alienates … Audiences
  • Ending Well: Effectively Managing the Q&A

CJRW’s presentation skills seminars are ideal for internal groups, as well as larger conferences and meetings.

Leadership Presence Coaching

Some call it “bearing.” Others call it “presence.” Often it is referred to simply as “it.” What is “it?”
“It” is a quality more easily recognized than defined. In the parlance of the business and professional environment, “it” is leadership presence, and it is the sum total of traits, qualities, and characteristics that combine to convey a level of regard and respect for others.

Despite what many mistakenly believe, leadership presence is not something one is born with. Nor is it merely what others see in a person. Rather it is what people infer and feel about and from a person, in terms of core principles, purpose, and passion for not only their own success, but that of others, as well.

Developing leadership presence is possible when it is prioritized, cultivated, and nurtured as an important component in one’s personal and professional development.

CJRW’s team has worked with more than 2,500 professionals from throughout the United States and internationally to develop leadership presence as part of their development process.