“It’s not creative unless it’s successful.”

Our experience shows that the creativity and success can, do and SHOULD go together. What experience? More than five decades as the most award-winning agency in the Midsouth. Decades of creating success AND winning awards for our clients. But primarily creating success.

CJRW approaches creative from our clients’ points of view, but with fresh eyes. As your marketing partner, our primary concern is making you successful. Below are some of the tools we use to do just that.

Visual Branding (Graphic Design, Art Directon, Logos)

Using the latest art and technology, our designers create, choose, and organize elements to communicate ideas and tell a compelling visual story. Then a great art director fuses the written and graphic elements of what we create like a great chef combines ingredients. The resulting dish tells a marketing story with gusto. Sometimes the process all begins by creating a memorable, striking, and effective logo. It's one simple, graphic element, but it can be hard to do. We do it with style (also a valuable element in a logo). 

Concepting and Campaigns

People remember ideas. And big ideas motivate people to want your product or service. We have the big idea and then we map out how the idea will play out across various media. In short, we plan the work and then work the plan … strategically, creatively, and effectively.

Animation, Web Video, and Infographics

Visual communication is more important than ever, and video and social media provide unique opportunities to succeed with visual marketing. We can make your doodles come to life. Or our doodles. Or your logo. Or something even more awesome. We can also turn all your data into graphics, because information and graphics just go better together. And Google tells us that infographic use is increasing crazy fast.

Copywriting and Editing

Words can be powerful motivators. Or yawners. Ours are the former. And we can crank out those words in record time. However, sometimes the hardest part of writing is the un-writing, which is why we edit. Much more than proofreading, great editing can make the difference in your written word.


Yes, people still do brochures. And we do them all, from simple 4” X 9” rack brochures to complex selling instruments.

Print Ads

Print is far from dead. But it’s certainly changed. So have we, working in all media with panache and effectiveness.


TV viewing habits have changed, but water cooler talk still often centers around a well-crafted, attention-grabbing TV spot. And no one crafts and grabs like we do. 

Web Banner Ads

A banner ad is NOT just a print ad with pixels. We know the difference and we create integrated work that, well, works. 


The best radio spots are not just lists of product benefits and a mention of a website or phone number. They’re carefully crafted “theater of the mind” moments that engage listeners.