Public health and safety is in our blood.

CJRW has a long and successful history of managing public health projects, behavioral change issues and grassroots campaigns targeting youth, minority and rural populations.We’ve worked with government departments, nonprofit organizations, hospitals and healthcare organizations and public health groups.

In other words, we know how to manage public information and safety and health-related campaigns.

CJRW takes great pride in our work on grassroots programs. We’ve had great success with such campaigns as the Arkansas Department of Health’s Stamp Out Smoking (SOS) effort and Metroplan’s “Ditch the Keys” bike-to-work initiative by conducting background research; developing, coordinating and implementing multiple grassroots efforts; and utilizing digital and social media effectively. Very often, these are the most effective ways to give campaigns or programs “legs,” as they reach a large number of people with a limited budget.

Sometimes getting safety messages to the general public requires larger scale efforts and more traditional communications campaigns, and we've done plenty of those as well. For public safety programs such as the Arkansas "Toward Zero Deaths" traffic safety campaign or regular "Click It or Ticket" safety belt campaigns, we've created TV spots, made strategic media placements and helped develop press and social media messaging. 

Through the years, CJRW has been fortunate to work with some tremendous businesses in the healthcare, public health and public safety fields, such as Arkansas Children’s Hospital, Arkansans for Drug Free Youth, the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) Arkansas Department of Health’s Stamp Out Smoking campaign, Arkansas Rehabilitation Services and others.The award-winningStamp Out Smoking (SOS) campaign is one of our best health-related success stories. You can learn more about it here.