About the Internship

Apply now to join the Intern Class of 2019! CJRW has a long tradition of providing paid summer internships to exceptional college and graduate students. For six weeks every summer, a new class has the opportunity to be part of the fast-paced agency life at a premier advertising agency. The experience begins June 3 and ends July 12. Selected interns should be able to attend the entire six weeks. Applications are due March 15th! 

Summer Intern Class Special Project

CJRW's Intern Class of 2017 was responsible for putting together Memes On Main, a social event and workshop in downtown Little Rock that was all about social media storytelling. Enthusiastically taking on the project, each member of the team contributed his or her unique skills to make the event a huge success!

Our interns experience real agency life:

  • Working directly on accounts with members of the agency
  • Visiting client sites and working with account executives
  • Attending client and creative meetings
  • Touring local media outlets
  • Participating in radio and television commercial production
  • Completing a special intern class project
  • Raiding the occasional ice cream truck 

The CJRW Internship Program began in 1962. Honed for many years, it offers a challenging, intense insight into how a successful agency works. Our first CJRW intern was Ron Robinson, who later returned and ended his career here as chairman and CEO of the firm. In short, we expect a lot from you, and you should expect a lot from us.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What areas of study are preferred?

Most applicants are working towards a degree in journalism, marketing, advertising, public relations, business, writing, communications, English or art and design. Other majors related to the advertising business will be considered and are not limited to this list.

What levels of education are accepted?

We accept undergraduates who have completed the credit hours to be a junior or senior. We also encourage recent graduates to apply as well.

What do we look for in our interns? 

  • Good organizational skills and the ability to adapt to deadlines, new assignments and situations quickly 
  • Solid verbal and written communication skills 
  • Knowledge of MS Office and Google Docs
  • Knowledge of social media platforms 
  • Ability to work effectively with a variety of people and work

Which CJRW offices offer internships?

Our Little Rock office accepts up to seven interns each summer. 

What positions are available?

Positions are available at our Little Rock office in the areas of account services, creative services, public relations, media, digital and social media.

Will I be able to experience other departments outside of my specific position’s department?

Yes, this internship will give you an insight into every department of our agency, whether it is just a slight peek into our media procedures or a full-day learning broadcast production at the Buffalo River.

Do you accept international students?

Yes, we do!

How do I apply?

To be considered for a summer internship, please fill out our form: 2019 Internship Application.

Quick Facts

  • 9 interns hired since 2014
  • CJRW internships offered since 1962
  • First intern was Ron Robinson, later CJRW chairman and CEO 

Past Intern Testimonials

Greta Goslee, 2018 Intern
Associate Social Media Coordinator, CJRW

As it is for many others, my last semester of college was… uncertain. I seemed to have more luck finding career paths that I didn’t like than ones I enjoyed. My internship at CJRW changed that pattern. In the six weeks that I was an intern with the Digital department, I learned more than I ever imagined about what goes into digital advertising. The intern group project gave me a deeper look into the many moving parts of a full-service ad agency. This internship provided the perfect balance of educational opportunities, intern group projects and time to work with my department and really learn how an agency operates. After my internship, I was offered a position on the Digital team as Associate Social Media Coordinator. I come to work each day to a job I enjoy, and I could not be more grateful to CJRW’s internship program for the opportunities I was given and the education I received.

Estefanie Perez, 2016 Intern
Public Relations Specialist, CJRW

Over the summer of 2016, I worked in the Public Relations department at CJRW, and I could not have asked for a better internship experience. 

The breadth of knowledge, as well as the various clients and services that the agency manages, provided an environment that was both exciting and challenging. Being able to work with clients in different industries was such a rewarding experience, especially since I could come in every day guaranteed to do something different than I was the day before.

This program allowed me to learn about the PR profession, expand my skills and revise my future career goals in a way that exceeded my expectations. The best part of the program was feeling like I was a valued member of the team and not “just an intern.” In fact, I was hired full-time upon graduation and officially joined the CJRW team in June of 2017. I will always remember this internship because I believe it is the foundation of my professional career. 

Blake Bowlin, 2017 Intern
Account Associate, CJRW

This internship was much more “hands-on” than previous internships I had. This program allows you to learn from some of the best industry professionals in every single department at CJRW. I loved the fact that being an intern at CJRW is more than running errands and making coffee; it’s more about fully immersing yourself into the day-to-day operations of the agency and learning what it is truly like to manage a daily workload with various clients.

Shortly after my graduation, I was hired full time to join the Account Services team. I was able to take the skills and processes I learned during my internship to excel in my full time role. My absolute favorite part of working at CJRW is the workplace culture. The staff and leadership at CJRW create a unique atmosphere that I knew I wanted to be a part of as soon as my internship ended. The internship offers invaluable experience to help with the next step of your career, whether you’re in the advertising and marketing business or any other industry. By the end of it, you’ll be wishing it lasted longer than six weeks.

Dalaney Thomas, 2015 Intern
Senior Account Executive, CJRW

I, like many college graduates, had uncertainties about what my next step needed to be after graduation, but my internship with CJRW was the best possible choice. I gained experience in several departments and quickly discovered the excitement of agency life. My time as an intern is undoubtedly what solidified the career path I wanted to take and what inspired me to work as hard as possible in order to become an employee. I’m blessed to say I’m still with CJRW almost three years later. 

Sarah Sikes, 2017 Intern
Photographer, Sarah's Timeless Takes

There are simply not enough words to express how incredible, life-changing and worthwhile my internship experience with CJRW was. I began the six-week program as the social media intern with hopes of gaining an insight into advertising agency life, expanding upon my skill set and making valuable connections. I came out with more than I could ever imagine AND a full-time job at the company I grew to absolutely LOVE. It is not just an internship, it is an EXPERIENCE. Because of CJRW, I was able to learn new skills, practice those skills and have FUN doing it. Every day was something new, and that is what I absolutely love about the ad agency environment.

I remember reading these exciting reviews from past interns on this very website before applying and thinking that surely they were sugar-coated, but I now see that was not the case. I encourage anyone interested in advertising agency work to pursue a spot in the 2018 internship program. You will gain SO much and become part of the CJRW family.

Jordan Jones, 2016 Intern
Art Director, Culturally Connected Communications

My internship at CJRW was a very fun and fulfilling experience. Not only were the people there great to work with, they were also some of the nicest people I have met. It was a little awkward getting used to everything at first, but they made sure to include me in as many meetings as possible, and they also made sure to involve me in some pretty big projects right off the bat. It was an incredible experience, and I learned a lot from it.

Jackie Abramovitz, 2014 Intern
Marketing Manager, Tacos 4 Life

My internship was one in a million! From taking photos in Hot Springs to making a silly radio commercial. We were able to help Visiting Arkansas by going to different towns and being secret shoppers. We went with the Buzz radio station to Magic Springs and Crystal falls to do the first ever radio broadcast on a roller coaster! On the more serious side, we helped shoot a commercial for Oaklawn. I even got to work first hand with the photographer at the Osborne auctions. I wouldn’t trade any memory or anything I experienced with CJRW.