Best of the Best

CJRW Named Best Marketing Firm

The Arkansas Times’ annual “Best of the Best” awards are special, most of all because they’re chosen and voted on by the readers. This year, CJRW was voted “Best Marketing Firm” in Arkansas, and we couldn’t be more grateful for the honor. Even better, it coincides with our 60th year in the industry, and it reminds us that even though times change, some things stay the same.

A marketing agency is only as good as its clients, and we attribute our success to bold clients ready to follow us out on a limb. The Arkansas Scholarship Lottery is one of those clients, as are Arkansas Tourism and Oaklawn, and their willingness to be playful and even experimental really lets CJRW shine as creative and content specialists. In short, we appreciate the trust.

Of course, the real heroes here are the hardworking men and women of CJRW and their 60-year streak of good ideas spanning generations of talented employees. From print to television to digital, traditional to very unconventional, local to national, our team has a long reputation for market-moving ideas and trendsetting campaigns. Follow this link to browse our work. 

To everyone who voted, to all our clients, our dedicated staff and leadership—thank you for naming CJRW “Best Marketing Firm” of 2021!