Arkansas Business "Best Places To Work"


Last week, CJRW was named one of the state’s “Best Places to Work” by Arkansas Business. We are delighted by the honor, and we owe major thanks to the men and women who share their talent every day to make our agency what it is. We plan to keep up the good work! Here’s a little more about what it’s like to work at Third and Main.

We measure success in a couple of ways. Longevity is one. CJRW opened its doors in 1961. We’ve adapted to 58 years of change and persisted with a simple mission: to bring the best marketing strategies and boldest ideas to our clients. Client satisfaction is another measure of success, and some of ours have been with us for decades. Our evolving relationships produce as much of our joint success as the big ideas we spend our time developing.

But to any employee, the most important measure of success is the quality of the work environment. Here’s a distinctive: CJRW is an employee-owned agency. How does that impact our day-to-day work life? It’s transformative. Employees are far more motivated when they have a personal stake in the company’s success.

There are no silos at CJRW. Teams form around client accounts and projects based on expertise and merit. The result is 59 professionals doing what they’re best at, divided into project teams, bouncing ideas off each other, generating new concepts and solutions every time. It doesn’t get stale.

Work life feels better with creature comforts. Our agency has some novel ones, like our new #ExploreArkansas program. Everyone in the building gets reimbursed $500 for trips taken inside the state. Free vacations make life better! And the best way to promote Arkansas tourism is to see the state and enjoy it yourself before you tell people about it.

Finally, when the work is done, we like to celebrate, because you don’t know someone until you’ve seen them figure their way out of an escape room or pick a winning racehorse. From bowling to dragon boat racing, the whole agency gets together several times a year to let our hair down and be ourselves without deadlines and notetaking.

The end result? Award-winning, happy, inspired people doing their thing in relative harmony. We’re only human. The mood you’re in affects the way you solve problems. It permeates your creative ideas. If you want novel ideas, you need a novel approach to the work itself, and a positive workplace culture will give you the freedom to experiment. Cheers!