After minutes of fierce agreement, the choice was obvious. The new Digital Director could only be Chris Ho. True to his nature, Ho seized the opportunity, and the 22-year advertising veteran joined the CJRW team in a leadership role. A force in digital advertising since its inception, Chris has seen the field evolve from blinking banner ads to brand-wide digital marketing strategies for national clients. In 2009, Chris designed the first website to win a “Best in Show” Addy, a milestone moment both for his career and for the inevitable domination of digital advertising.


Another personal milestone would follow in 2011 when Chris Ho decided it was time to get in shape. A year later – 50 pounds lighter and deeply determined – Ho ran his first marathon. That was more than 80 marathons ago. Since then he has run ultra-marathons in three countries, and last year he finished his second 100-mile race in just over 22 hours. He will tell you it all started with 10 minutes on a treadmill, and in this statement is insight into his approach. Success is built incrementally. Whether the challenge is personal or professional, consistency is the key.


Before making his way to CJRW, Chris established himself as Interactive Director at The Allison Agency before spending more than seven years as Account Management Director at GWL and Mass Enthusiasm. Prior to taking on leadership roles, Chris worked as an interactive designer at The Sells/Clark Agency and before that ran his own startup agency for several years. Well known inside and outside the advertising industry, Chris Ho brings with him the solid leadership, fun creativity and pathological enthusiasm needed in a great Digital Director.